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For over 7 years, Marc has managed and maintained his very own small agency.

Music Boost was created as an opportunity for musicians to be covered by the rules and regulations of an agent contract, without being tied in to a long standing agreement with one agent. Music Boost contract bands for Musical Theatre, Singers for contracts in the UK and Abroad as well as smaller gigs around the world.

Marc Yarrow Management is a recent addition to the fold, incorporating the idea of a non-exclusive contract, and offering castings to those who wish to be considered. Recently, we have dealt with large modelling contracts, and some small scale advertising contracts.

Marc Yarrow Management and Music Boost are always open to applicants wishing to join the agency books and more information about the work we do can be discussed upon enquiring.


For more information on the agency, please click on either Music Boost or Marc Yarrow Management from the menu bar.

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